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Holy Crap! It's finally here! And I'm holding back with all my ability to not purchase this release (too much pulling at my wallet already!). But you can be sure that I'll own, play, and host this game if at all possible! You however, can purchase this game right now! View Game

Prepare yourselves for Killing Floor 2!

Saturday, 18 April 2015 11:04

The Magic Brolice: A new forge server

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Hello fellow FrostMP Players!

Long time, no see. Sorry about that.. Life catches up with you, and you find new hobbies! For me, that has been R/C Cars over the past few months. After spending 8 hours a day at work programming, or just working on a computer, coming home to continue the regimen isn't always my favorite plan. However a couple of friends of mine decided they wanted to create a new server based upon a mod pack they liked. They then turned to me to fire it up, and so I did!

However I myself am more comfortable and familiar with Bukkit than any other minecraft platform, So when it came to forge, I had to do a bit of research to get the ball rolling.  And unlike Bukkit, I cannot update and change plugins without you doing the same. So playing on this server will be a bit more involed than normal, However I will be doing my part to make this as painless as possible for you! We've been building and tweaking this server over the past few days, and I'm certain things will continue to change and adapt as we see new problems or get new ideas for items / mods we might want to implement, These too will be posted here for those that have been accepted to join us!

With that being said, You may read about the server and apply to join us in the forums here: Apply to Join the Brolice

Thursday, 04 December 2014 00:00

Incoming Transmission***

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       Welcome to FrostMP! Or.. FrostMultiplayer as I call it.
My goal here is to create a single website to handle all the servers we choose to either play on, or create for ourselves.  We here can share our experiences or servers and games we enjoy playing on! I hope everyone here can enjoy themselves.

Personally I wanted to create this multiverse of games and servers because I too, Get burned out of games.  For awhile there I was absolutely exhausted of minecraft! It was literally my life for 3-4 years (maybe more) and I got tired of it. I needed a change, a new game, or hey..maybe even to go see what the outside world was like?.  So I am creating this website so that I too, can keep myself continuously involved without having to stick to one game. and the game doesn't really have to be a multiplayer game, For example I LOVE to play Kerbal Space Program. It's single player, and its a ton of fun!

So, In short! Play games, and tell us what you think of them!